" ... at harvest we guarantee the farmers 100% yield off take at prevailing market price."


Sustainability is one of the WASIL’s values and is at the core of our business model. As it obtains across TGI Group, our sustainable approach ensures that we drive positive economic, environmental, and social impact for all our stakeholders – from sourcing raw materials locally, to have a strong distribution base that ensures we serve our customers as efficiently as possible and empowering our farmer communities. Our approach also encourages zero waste, ensuring that byproducts are fully utilized and the environment adequately protected.

Our interventions are centered around Outgrower farming, Capacity building, and our certified soybean seed multiplication project which is being cultivated on 1,000 hectares of land.

Outgrower Program

Our Outgrower farming program supports the farmer from planting till harvest. We provide the farmers with quality Agri inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and herbicides; providing trainings in agricultural best practices such as soil management, water management, etc; provide crop monitoring and advisory services; and at harvest we guarantee the farmers 100% yield off take at prevailing market price.

Certified Soybean Seed Multiplication

To ensure constant availability of quality seeds for all WASIL’s outgrower farmers, our experts engage the farmer cooperatives and provide them with foundation seeds for the onward production of quality certified seeds. Seed multiplication require intense trainings for farmers and monitoring of plots, therefore, our agronomists provide needed trainings and frequent monitoring to selected farmers and plots. Currently, our seed multiplication program is being cultivated on 1,000 hectares of land.

Community Relations

Through our TGI Cares Initiative, we have supported our surrounding communities especially during the heat of the pandemic, when lockdowns affected economic activities, thereby creating untold hardships for the people.